Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I really am trying to get better at updating this thing although things in Colorado have been a little crazy. Andrew went on his first vacation to California and we just got back. We were going to go soon but ended up going earlier because of the fires in Colorado Springs. Our house was fine but it started to get really smokey. I was worried about Andrew's lungs so we went to the beach for awhile. He loved it! We had a great time. Unfortunately some of my friends did lose their homes. The fires were insane and it felt like we were living in a horror movie. Just watching the beautiful land and properties burn was very sad. Then this mass shooting that just happened near by reminds you to be so grateful for every day and to hold on tight to your  family and friends.

Andrew has been doing really well. He can sit up, roll and is sooooo close to crawling. He gets up on all fours and bounces back and fourth. He just needs to figure out how to move everything. I'm so proud of my amazing little boy. I thank God everyday for choosing us to be his parents.

Below are some recent pictures.

I hope everyone is doing well! Thank you again for continuing to read about us.

Also I would like to wish a special happy birthday to our Aunt Carol. She has been so supportive and wonderful to us. When we were in Philadelphia last year she stored all of our furniture in her home (and we have a lot of stuff), saving us thousands of dollars in storage fees. She is always so positive and  we are so grateful to have her in our lives. We love you!

Andrew's first dip into the Pacific 

Andrew sitting up playing with his toys 

Tired after a long day

After only 5 swim lessons, floating like a pro