Monday, April 8, 2013


Sorry it took me a few weeks to update. Things have been so busy. We had some doc appts for Andrew and they went great. According to the MRI his back has healed really well. Basically with all the appointments they looked at every part of his body and everything looks really good. With this little guy I never take anything for granted so it was a relief to get such positive news.

Below is a pic of Andrew on Easter. Sorry it is so late.

I will update this at the end of May because we are taking a family vacation to Hawaii for the next few weeks. So excited!!!! We are going to Oahu and then Maui for a bit. We are also finally doing Andrew's baptism. My family is coming and it will be on the beach so it will be a really special time. I'm sure I will post lots of pictures of our trip when we get back.

I hope everyone has a good April and May!!

                                                      Our Little Easter Bunny