Monday, June 4, 2012


It has been ages since I last posted on here. The last time I even logged on was in January. I'm so sorry. I didn't even think anyone read this anymore. In fact I was going to post today and have it be my last post but when I logged on the page that shows my stats it said I had over 700 page views over the last three weeks. I am so humbled and honored that anyone is still interested in what is going on with us. Thank you to whoever is logging in and checking this blog out. Also sorry for being so terrible at keeping it updated. My only excuse is life got in the way. Beautiful happy life! The reason I was logging on today was because yesterday was Andrew's birthday so I thought it would be a good time to update.

Wow I can't believe it has been a year. It has gone by so fast but slow at the same time (if that makes any sense). It feels like yesterday I was in the NICU praying for my little guy to hold on and here we are a year later. I'm happy to say Andrew is doing really well. We still have ups and downs but for the most part up. He has taught my husband and I so much about strength, bravery and being courageous. We had a little scare and he was hospitalized a few months ago. When the doctor told me he had to be admitted back into the NICU I felt like I was going to turn to stone. Go back to the!!! I didn't think I could go through it again. Andrew looked at me like he sensed I was going to fall apart and gave me a big smile even though he was so sick.  At that moment I realized if he was that brave I better get my butt in gear!  Luckily he only ended up back in the hospital for a week and it wasn't anything serious.

I know it is so cliche for parents to say this but he has made us happier than we ever thought possible. To any moms out there reading this that might be just finding out their baby was diagnosed with spina bifida or maybe just had the prenatal surgery, the journey you are about to go on is so worth it! In the end you will have the most beautiful gift God could ever give you. Just hold on through the rough stuff and try to think about the big picture. I wish I would have done that more. Easier said than done!

My little miracle is one! 

Well since people are still checking in on us I will keep this blog going. I will try to get better at posting!


  1. Thanks for updating, I was wondering how he is doing. He is SO adorable!!

  2. i'm glad to hear andrew is doing well. happy belated birthday and many more.

  3. I don't even remember now, how I came across your blog I check every few weeks to see if you have posted an update. Your story touched my heart and I pray that your little boy will continue to amaze everyone. He is adorable. Happy birthday, Andrew!!!