Friday, January 11, 2013


I'm so sorry it has taken me so long to update this. Thank you so much for all the emails inquiring about how Andrew is doing. It has been such an insanely busy month. It was mostly spent in the hospital but even there it was so hectic. Definitely different then the NICU where Andrew mostly slept. Now I'm trying to keep a toddler entertained in a very small room while he is hooked up to many wires. I'm happy to report Andrew had his surgery last Friday so we are on the other side of it and he is healing. Very sore but healing. The surgery was intense. It was eight very long stressful hours. The hospital was great on updating us each hour to let us know how he was doing. Having your child undergo a serious surgery like this is the most gut wrenching thing. You would give anything to be able trade places with them and you feel like you have no control. The other surgeries he has had seem like nothing now. Thankfully my husband is my rock. He keeps me afloat and is strong for both of us. I know as Andrew gets older and things like this come up I will have to put on a very brave face for him so he doesn't get scared. Anyway on the bright side we are all home and enjoying every second of it. We also celebrated a very late Christmas since we were in the hospital over the holidays. I love Christmas so I just looked at the positive and we got to have an extended Christmas this year. I also had my family here which was beyond helpful.

I hope everyone had a great holiday and are having a great New Year so far! 

 Finally getting home to celebrate the holidays! 

His new scar. What a tough little guy! 

Hanging with Dad in the hospital 

At home recovering and being a couch potato 

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  1. Wow is he getting SO big! I am glad you are now able to celebrate the holidays!