Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I hope everyone is having a great summer! I can't believe it is only a couple of more weeks until Labor Day. Summer went by way too fast!

Yesterday Andrew got botox in his legs. The doctor is hoping it will help him walk. I was so nervous. I know botox is poison and I hated the thought of it going into my son's legs. After lots of prayer and research we decided to try it. The doctor said we will hopefully see results in a week. I will keep you updated.

Below are some recent pictures.

I had to post some other funny stats. I can see what part of the world is reading this blog. Below are the daily stats of who is viewing. It is crazy to think people in Latvia, Russia, China and more are reading this. Whoever you are thank you for being interested in my son. I appreciate it. We truly and literally feel the love from around the world. Thank you!

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