Friday, July 8, 2011

(32 weeks old) and (1 month and 1 week old)

This week is a big milestone. When I was pregnant and after I had my surgery I kept saying to myself if I can only make it to 32 weeks we will be in the clear for a lot of preemie issues. So here we are at 32 weeks. It isn't the way I wanted to get here but I wouldn't trade it either. I got to spend more time holding and seeing him so who can be upset about that. This week we have been allowed to hold him a lot more. I hold him in the morning and my husband holds him in the evening. The way we hold him is called kangerooing or skin to skin. It is to keep him warm since he can't regulate his own body temperature. I think even when he can regulate it I will still hold him like that sometimes. I love it! 

This week has been mostly good. He has been on his full feeds so he is slowly gaining weight. I'm hoping he will hit 3 lbs soon. It is such a slow process. One day he will gain and the next lose.  I wish I could feed him Big Macs...haha. We did have a set back with his breathing. We have been switching back and forth on different breathing devices to help him. I think the bigger he gets the faster we will get out of the woods with the lung and heart stuff we are dealing with. 

As much as I'm getting used to my life in Philly I spend a lot of time daydreaming about getting out of here. The things I'm looking forward to the most are seeing my dogs again, having my own stuff like bed and kitchen, baking and being a normal mom with Andrew. This week we finally started buying some baby stuff.  I'm really excited about a stroller we bought that converts to a jogging stroller. I love running and before I got pregnant I would see moms out running with their babies. I couldn't wait to do that. We are moving to Colorado after all of this is over (my husband is in the military) and I'm sure there are many great trails to run. Lots of things to look forward to! 

I hope everyone is having a great week! 

                                 Our guy without the mask on his face! 


  1. He's beautiful!

    Enjoy every minute. I look at my kids (14, 11, and 5) and wonder where the time went.

  2. Hope you get on those trails soon! The time will come.
    I can't believe it's already been over a month. Hope you are doing good and taking care of yourself too!

  3. I so remember the two steps forward, one step back days of the NICU. He sounds like he's doing incredibly well though. My boys were in NICU for three months but to look at them two years later, you wouldn't know it. I swear the littlest ones come out fighting that much harder. Wishing you all the best!!!

  4. Oh NICU days.... so hard. ANd I know I am WAYYYYY behind on reading... but I just had to say, he is SO CUTE!!! There is something about premies that grabs my heart! LOVE them!