Saturday, August 13, 2011


This blog will definitely be more upbeat. Andrew is back on regular intibation. Who knew I would be so excited about intibation but it is definitely better then the oscillator. He still has been having apnea and bradys. The docs were worried it might be because of problems with his brain so they did an MRI. I'm so HAPPY to say it came back normal. That is such a huge relief. Hopefully he is having these issues just because he is a preemie and will eventually grow out of them. They think his pneumonia is cleared up too. My son is the strongest person I know and he isn't even supposed to be born yet. To think of all he has been put through is crazy. He rarely cries and tolerates all these medical people messing with him all the time really well. I'm so proud of him.

I'm doing okay without my husband here. It is hard and it gets lonely but I know time will go quickly. We do FaceTime (similar to skype) and he gets to see the baby which is comforting to both of them. Andrew recognizes his voice and always opens his eyes when he hears him.

I haven't posted pics in the last two posts because I'm on an iPad and don't think I can attach them. I will try to figure out how to post soon. Andrew is really growing and over 4lbs now.

I hope everyone has a good weekend!


  1. So glad he's making positive progress! Hang in there!

  2. you remain in my prayers. i hope andrew continues to gain in strength.
    pam dinger

  3. Yeah, that is a great report!

  4. I thought about little Andrew all week. I'm so happy to hear the encouraging report. It sounds like he is really growing ,too. Hang in there, Kelly. I look forward to hearing about Andrew each week....still in my prayers. Jane Morgan

  5. hugs and prayers, glad to know things are improving. I can't imagine doing it without hubby there. and sooooo true, about how strong these little ones are even when they aren't technically supposed to even be here yet. Amazing!!!
    all the best!

  6. I have been so out of the blog world in the last few weeks... my kids have consumed every single second of my life, but one thing I REALLY wnated to do was check in on you guys!

    I am so sorry to hear that Andrew is having such a tough go of it.. my heart breaks for you! I am bumping you all up higher on my prayer list!

    Hang in there momma... these are the tough days, but it will get better with each step you take and each victory you get to celebrate!

    Hugs and prayers to you