Tuesday, September 6, 2011

3 months old!


I'm sorry I didn't update on Friday. It was for a good reason though. I had visitors so I didn't have time.

Andrew is three months old! He is still resting comfortably. He has been growing so much. He is almost 6lbs. He is over three times the size he was when he was born. Resting on the vent has been really good for him. He now looks like a small newborn baby. He even grew out of his preemie clothes which seems incredible. He also is in a crib now instead of his isolate. I love having him in the crib because it means I can lean over anytime I want and give him kisses on his head.

Our plan right now is just to have him sedated, resting and growing for the rest of September. Then they will do a brochial scope to see what the inside of his throat looks like. If they think his throat is making improvements then we will stay here for another couple months. If they look at his throat and see no improvement then we will hopefully get transferred out to Denver NICU and they will do the trach surgery. It is better for them to do it for two reasons, 1. That will be his regular hospital anyway so it will be good for them to get familiar with him and 2. It means he will be in the NICU for another 4 or 5 months so I want to be able to live at home and be with my husband.

Other then that I have been trying to venture away from the NICU a little bit more. I leave for an hour at lunch and just walk around Philly. It has helped me I think. I just can't believe it is fall already. We came here in the spring.

The anger I felt last week has left me. I think I needed that little surge but I'm glad it is gone. I didn't like feeling so mad it just isn't me. Plus how can I be angry when I have the sweetest little baby ever!

I hope everyone has a good week!

*Annie I tried to follow your instructions on posting pics but it wasn't working for some reason. I know I must be doing something wrong. I will keep trying!


  1. Hi Kelly! We are on our way. I will show you how to post pictures tomorrow and also how to do it off your phone. Plan on our lunch date tomorrow. Can't wait to meet you and Andrew. Things sound positive.

  2. Kel,
    So glad to hear that things are looking up and plans are in place...even if they're not the plans you may have envisioned initially. Every time I read your posts, I'm so amazed at the strength you have. I'm hoping that Andrew continues to grow and improve - and that very soon you'll be on your way to Denver (I'll be visiting btw!!)! Also, thought it may make you laugh, esp now that things are looking up, to know that I've forwarded your blog on to my parents and reminded them that our mosh-pit days taught us that relase of anger, and taking control of anger, is a very cathartic thing :) Never be afraid to let those feelings out - you have every right to feel and express all emotions that you're having...the good and the not so good. Hope you're doing ok, and please, please don't let Andrew become an Eagles fan!!
    - Liane

  3. Hi Kelly, I'm so happy that things are starting to improve for little Andrew and yourself. I was concerned when you did not blog on Friday or Saturday. I was so happy to read your blog. I'm also glad that you have a plan in place for Andrew. Sounds great!! I can't wait to see a picture of little Andrew. Katie showed me some pictures and he is just adorable. Keep walking!! Jane Morgan

  4. Gosh, hard to believe he's 3 months. Glad he's growing well and peaceful.

  5. Your greatupdate was so awesome to hear! Keep growing big guy!

  6. SO glad he's gaining weight.. can't wait to see pictures!

  7. sending hugs and prayers always. You are an amazing mother already in three "short" months. I pray that God continues to give you strength and peace. and lots of growing for your sweet little boy. can't wait to see pictures.

  8. Kelly, I know we talked on Tuesday, but I was just reading your last two writings on your blog and Wanted to let you know that we never stop praying for you, Andrew and mike. I get so emotional every time i read your blog. Your entire family is by far the strongest I have ever met. I am so glad that things are much better and Andrew is growing even stronger...that is so important!

    Thinking of you always!
    Love, becca