Friday, September 30, 2011


I hope everyone is having a good week. Things here are going well so far. Andrew has been learning to breastfeed and he is doing a great job. We are up to 4 times a day now. I think once we get home it will be even easier. Here it is so scheduled and he still has his feeding tube so I'm not sure how hungry he actually gets. He has been doing a great job though. He eats the amount he is supposed to. I'm really proud of him.

I leave this weekend for Colorado. I have been psyching myself up all week for this trip because I want to cancel it whenever I think about it. I know freaking out about spending one day away from him is silly but I have spent almost every waking moment with him since the day he was born. I keep reminding myself about some of the moms here that have to go back to where they are from for work and only get to see their babies every few weeks. If they can do that I can handle a day apart. Plus my poor husband that is thousands of miles away and doesn't get to see him often. Although I'm excited to say he is coming to Philly to visit next weekend and then hopefully after that we will be getting out of here.

I have been spending my time lately day dreaming of walks in strollers and snuggling without any wires attached to him. Right now I'm just enjoying all the things we never got to do before like a bath instead of a sponge bath, putting him into a vibrating chair and watching his eyes look at everything. The most rewarding thing of all has been holding him on my chest without any breathing tubes between us. I hold him all day which I'm sure parenting books would say is bad but I don't care. I'm making up for the 4 months I lost.

Once again thank you for all the prayers and support. I 100% believe Andrew felt them all.


  1. He is so darn sweet and I am so thankful he is doing so well! hold him all day long and screw those parenting books, they are only little once :)

  2. After all you guys have been through, I think holding him all day is exactly what any good parenting book would tell you to do.
    One of my best memories ever is the day I got to bring Nate home from the NICU and just lay on the couch with him. You guys will get to do that soon.