Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone is having a good Halloween so far. We realized when you have a baby all the holidays are a lot more exciting. It has been so fun picking out his costume and doing Halloween type things with him. Below are some of our Halloween pictures.

 I will post again mid-November because I am happy to say we are going on our first official family beach vacation next week. Last time Andrew and I just went because my husband had to work (and we were evacuating because of the fires). 
This time we all get to go! I will post pictures when we get back. 

Everything else is going well. Andrew is having surgery in December to fix his eyes. Unfortunately one of the preemie issues is his eye muscles weren't strong enough when he was born and his eyes go inward when he gets tired or he is concentrating. The surgery will hopefully fix this. 
Not excited about another surgery but I know this will really help him.  Fortunately my entire family will be here in December to help out. I am so excited because usually my family comes in different shifts. It is hard for everyone to work out their schedules and they live all over. My poor parents have three daughters in three different timezones, Colorado/California/Hawaii. I'm sure it is hard for them to remember what time of the day to call each of us.  
This time everyone will be here at once which will be really nice. 

I hope everyone has a great Halloween! 

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