Thursday, December 6, 2012

Surgery went well!


I am so happy to write this on the other side of Andrew's surgery. He had it on Tuesday and everything went really well. His eyes look so much better. We aren't even supposed to see full results for 6 weeks but they look 100% better!  He also got circumcised. They couldn't do it when he was born because of all the problems he was having. Even though both were routine surgeries I was so nervous. However,  he did fantastic. They are supposed to be outpatient procedures but with Andrew's breathing issues in the past we ended up staying the night. He was intibated during the surgeries and put completely under. When he woke back up he was fine but when he would take a nap he was de-sating.  All is good now though and we are home. He is such a little rockstar. He handled everything so well. I know how brave he is but during these medical things I'm reminded.

Aside from the surgery everything else is great. This is my absolute favorite time of the year. I LOVE Christmas! I love the holiday music, the decorations, traditions, family time ect...We go crazy decorating the house and baking. Having a child makes it even more exciting. Andrew is still a little too young to really know what is going on but it is still so much fun. My family starts getting here on December 20th so I'm really looking forward to that. I hope everyone else is having a great December! I will try to update this but I know things are going to be busy over the next couple weeks. I will definitely post Christmas morning pictures. Thank you again for reading this. I got so many sweet emails wishing Andrew luck with his surgery. It means so much that people take time out of their busy day to see what is going on in our lives.

Have a great holiday!


     1st pics with Santa

So close to walking!

 Getting hugs from Dad before surgery

 Smiling like a little champ after surgery

Snuggling with Dad in the hospital 

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