Friday, April 22, 2011

Great News!

I am sitting here at Children's Hospital in Philly at 6:00 am writing this. It is the only time I have. Yesterday was such a long day but great day. We left at 4:00 am and didn't leave the hospital until after 5:00 pm. Before I get into the details of yesterday, I want to say we got approved for prenatal surgery! My husband and I are so happy, relieved and excited to be able to help our boy with this breakthrough surgery. I believe all the prayers people were sending our way really helped!

For any mom's out there that might read this blog and are going through the same thing I wanted to go into my day yesterday so you know what to expect. For everyone else reading this blog, it might be a little boring.  The staff at CHOP  (Children's Hospital in Philly) is amazing. If you can have the surgery here I strongly recommend it. They are the top in this field. They have been doing this surgery the longest. They don't brag about this, it is just information we gathered on our own. My day yesterday started with a three hour ultrasound in 2D and 3D. I got to know Andrew very well. I could see every little detail on his body. He was very busy sucking his thumb for most of it. I fell in love with him even more.The ultrasound tech measures everything on his body hence the three hours. Andrew is doing really well. His feet look great (no club feet which is common with SB). He also has defined calf muscles which means he is moving his legs enough to gain strength. He also has no fluid on his brain. Another great sign.

Next was the Echo-ultrasound. They looked at his brain and his heart. Everything looked great. Then came the MRI. The MRI is very loud and the sound was scaring him. I could feel him wiggling around. Again everything looked good.

At the end of our day we attended meetings with the specialists. They explained every single thing Andrew would go through and what I would go through with this surgery. They really try to play devil's advocate and gave me some of the downside with this surgery so I know what I'm getting myself into. There are risks but I still know in my heart this is Andrew's best bet.

My surgery is scheduled for April 26th. My husband will update the blog after my surgery. Please keep the prayers coming I really belive they have gotten us this far.


  1. This news brings tears to my eyes!! You are such an amazing Mommy already! We love you, Baby Andrew!!

  2. You will be in my prayers! I'm thankful you guys got in :).

  3. Awesome that you got picked to have the surgery....Prayers for you all!!!

  4. Kelly & Mike- you already are such loving parents that would do anything for their baby boy.... We love you all so much! I loved reading that he sucked his thumb- too cute! Keep the faith -God is with each one of you! Xxooo