Thursday, April 7, 2011

Met with the Neurosurgeon Today

Today was another big day. We met with the neurosurgeon that would be performing the surgery on Andrew after he was born if we aren’t qualified for the prenatal surgery in Philly. The neurosurgeon told us what to expect after he is born and the types of surgeries he will need. My mom and husband went with me to this appointment (as they have to all my appointments) and they both seemed okay with everything he was saying. They are both in the medical field so I think they have a better grasp on all the terms then I do. The doctor mentioned life expectancy for people with spina bifida and that is where I lost it. I hate to hear that term in relation to my baby. I know I have to be realistic but it is still hard. This particular doctor is in the top 7% in his field in the country which made me feel better. His bedside manner was a bit cold but I guess you can’t always have both.  He was not a fan of the prenatal surgery. He thinks there are too many risks with premature labor.  He did say he didn’t know enough about the surgery to feel comfortable saying for absolute sure it was not a good idea. I think I just have to continue to go with my heart and my gut that tells me prenatal surgery is still Andrew’s best shot.  

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