Friday, June 24, 2011

3 Weeks Old Today!

Andrew is 3 weeks old today! It is hard to believe three weeks have gone by. It is the strangest thing, time seems to stand still but at the same time fly by. I can't explain it but it just happens. Andrew weighs a big 2 and 1/2 pounds now. Keep growing little man! Some of the good things that happened this week are Andrew went up to full feeds which means he got the awful PICC line out. It is a line that went up his whole arm and into his body. It made his little arm look mushy. I was so happy to get that thing out. We can see his beautiful arms now without all the wires/needles. Andrew also moved to a different breathing device that is a lot smaller so we can see his face more. Unfortunately the reason for the move was his cartilage between his nostrils started to deteriorate from the prior breathing device. So far he has been tolerating the new one much better so I'm keeping my fingers crossed he can stay on it.  Also unfortunately Andrew tested positive for MRSA. It is a common hospital bacteria. 50% of the babies in the NICU tested positive for it. It isn't something to worry about too much we just have to keep an eye on it.

It is crazy how you can spend entire days staring into an incubator. Every move he makes is the most fascinating thing! I bet that is how all new parents feel. I'm not sure if it is because my pregnancy hormones have left my body or I'm getting the hang of the NICU but I feel stronger emotionally and spiritually this week. However, my disclaimer is there are days I will still be a wreck. I'm sure I will have many of those as a first time mom, NICU or not.

I don't think I mentioned in my previous updates that we are staying at the Ronald McDonald house now.  When we first came to Philly we stayed in a hotel because I didn't want to stay at the Ronald McDonald house. I pictured a huge room with a ton of beds in it and shared bathrooms. I couldn't have been more wrong. It is like a hotel only better. We do have our own rooms with our own bathrooms. Every night at 6:00 different companies or restaurants come in and cater dinner for free. The food has been so good. Anything from Greek to Italian. We have also met so many great families here. To be surrounded by people going through similar things makes you feel like you are with family. I highly recommend staying here for anyone coming to CHOP for a long period of time.

We also have had lots of family and friends that have visited or are coming to visit over the next week which is great! We really appreciate everyone making the trip to Philly. We feel really blessed to have so much support around us.

This is our favorite new picture! How can you not melt looking at that face?


  1. I am glad he is continuting to grow and do well. He is precious. Praying for you as you get through these weeks in the nicu.

  2. Beautiful picture! Hope week 4 is off to a smooth start. Sorry to miss you at the fetal reunion on Sunday. I joined a yahoo group that you might like : fs4sb. All folks that had the surgery at CHOP. We are hoping to be cleared to travel home to NC tomorrow, so we may not see you all again, but will continue to follow the blog and keep you all and Andrew in our prayers.

  3. Sarah I'm so glad you are able to go home! Have a safe journey back! I will be keeping you in my thoughts/prayers. My email is if you would like to stay in touch!